Our Story (English)

Los Barrios de Amarillo 2018 Video

Our History & Purpose... 
Los Barrios de Amarillo was established in 1971 by a small group of community leaders and area volunteers.
Due to the decreasing graduation rate, the original mission was to address cultural, educational, and
socioeconomic inequities in the Mexican American community to help remove these barriers.
In 1989, the first career day took place at Caprock High School. College visitation days and career planning
evolved into the current bi-annual "Step Up to Success" Conferences. Current members focus energies on
setting high expectations for students to help build a culture of success beyond high school.
We award $800 or $1000 in scholarships to students enrolling at a college or university of their choice.
Members provide mentor support to recipients during their freshman year.

Los Barrios has a long-standing history of strong financial stewardship with a unique ability to provide non-
traditional methods of support and educational awareness to youth.

What we do...
Our mission is to promote higher education and career opportunities for youth. In order to achieve
our goals, Los Barrios hosts:
• "Step Up to Success" Middle and High School College & Career Conferences.
• Job Shadowing Day (Step Up to Success 2.0)
• Honors & Awards to graduating seniors.
• Annual Scholarship Graduate Banquet.
• Wednesday noon meetings for members and guests with community speakers.
Fundraisers & Events:
• Red Hot Chili Pepper Racquetball Tournament at Gold’s Gym
• Día de los Muertos
• Amarillo Education Foundation Cash Card Ticket Sales on behalf of Toot’n Totum
• Hispanic Heritage Luncheon & Recognition
These events are made possible through partnering with business & community sponsors and the commitment of volunteers.

Who we are...
Los Barrios de Amarillo maintains a diverse, open membership. Everyone is welcome to attend our weekly
noon meeting held at the Amarillo Wesley Community Center. A $5 lunch is available and special guest
speakers are scheduled to present information about their program, agency, events or resource opportunities
that benefit our community.
Los Barrios de Amarillo is a 501 (c)(3 ) non- profit organization and all donations to Los Barrios are tax

President, Charles Mestas